Roasted Summer Tomato Pasta in 20 minutes

Juicy roasted cherry tomatoes and pasta. The perfect way to use up the abundance of tomatoes at home. When you bite in, the tomatoes burst and release they beautiful juices that forms the sauce for this super easy pasta. So so good. 

My aunt gifted me with a bag of cherry tomatoes a few days ago. They were bright rosy red, with little green stalks on top, and looked absolutely gorgeous. I knew I needed to make something with it. 

Today as I was on the way home I thought about lunch. I needed something quick, healthy and easy after these few days of snacking on cookies and peanut butter and chocolate as I mugged for my exams. 

I thought of roasted cherry tomato pasta. I couldn't concentrate in class anymore. 

Let me tell you how easy this is.

You slice the tomatoes in half, add some chopped garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and some herbs. My favourites are dried basil, dried parsley and some chilli flakes for an added kick. Oregano works wonderfully too. Pop them into the oven for 15 minutes at 190 degrees celsius. 

Before you put them in, get a pot of water boiling and add your pasta. I use fusilli because no. 1 if cooks quickly and no. 2 you can use a small pot to cook it. (Yes I'm awfully lazy when it comes to washing.) Turn your heat to medium-low and get out of the kitchen. While the oven and stove were working, I took a quick bath that lasted 13 minutes. When I came out, everything was on it's way to being served. 

When the tomatoes are done and the pasta is al dente, dish it out. A few shavings of Parmesan would be perfect, but I promise when you eat the tomatoes and pasta together you are in heaven. The tomatoes are still in shape, but when you bite into them, the juices burst in your mouth and your can taste the sweet juices and the savoury spices. It's as if it forms it's own sauce with the pasta. It's really really good. 

I'm making this again tomorrow with the leftover tomatoes. Definetly need more pasta in my cupboard. 

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