I poise myself at the starting line, ready for the gun to sound so I can run. 

I am not a runner. Yet I am standing here, waiting to start the race. 

I am not a sprinter. Yet I am waiting here, trying to put in so much to acheive something I know I never will. 

I am not a sportsman. Yet my muscles are aching and my body is tired. 

I am not meant to be a student. Yet I am sitting here, inhaling in the knowledge I'm supposed to know to score an A1 for my exam. 
I am sitting here, flipping through past exam questions, my mind in a hurry to rush through every little detail. 
I am sitting here, stuffing my face with cookies and muffins and splashing my face with cold water so my head wouldn't hurt and so I won't fall asleep. 
I am sitting here, because I have to. Because I have no other choice. 

And yet I just said- life is a matter of choices. 

Well, it isn't. 

We just have to do what we are supposed to do and nothing else. 

It's not a choice. 

I honestly need to get working. It's a choice I have chosen. 

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