Cempedak Egg Tarts

Smooth egg custard with the fragrance of cempedak in a buttery, tender shell.

Yesterday was one of the longest times I queued to buy food. I was at Red Hill Food Centre queuing for the famous fried chicken wings which PM went. The queue was really long, and I stood queueing for more than an hour. Finally the chicken wings and fried beehoon came. It was good- the wings were crispy, and meat was tender and juicy, and the beehoon was perfectly flavoured and cooked. The chilli was good too! But if it was worth the wait- it really depends on how much a fried chicken wing fan you are. 

As I was walking to the multi-storey car park, the wonderful fragrance and mighty sight of cempedak caught my eye. And I knew I had to buy it immediately because it was huge and smelt great. And of course, cheap, too. 

I thought of using these mighty flavourful seeds in my Cempedak Chiffon a Cakes again, but why not try something else? 

So these egg tarts were born. 

I have to say the flavour of these tarts is unbeatable, though I must say I had some trouble making the egg batter. The cempedak flesh was really hard to seive to get it nice and smooth, so I spent almost an hour working my arm muscles and trying to get as much of the precious cempedak flesh as possible through the sieve. I must say that I've had a great workout doing this. 

Nevertheless, these egg tarts smell amazing and they taste even better! A great way to use these fruit in breakfast and desert recipes :) 

Cempedak Egg Tarts 
Makes 12 muffin sized tarts

125g softened butter 
1/2 an egg 
1 tbsp sugar 
200g flour

Mix all the ingredients together and press into muffin pan. Chill until the tart firms up. 

Cempedak Custard Filling 
250g cempedak flesh 
250g water 
3 1/2 eggs 
125g sugar 
125g milk 
Pinch of salt 

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees celsius. 

Blend the cempedak flesh and water until smooth, and strain. 

In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, sugar, milk, salt and cempedak flesh and water mixture until combined. 

Strain the mixture twice to remove air bubbles and lumps. 

Pour the custard mixture into the tart shells until 3/4 full, and bake for 20-25 minutes until the centre is set but jiggly and the crust is golden brown. 

Cool to room temperature before removing from the pan. 

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