Easy Cinammon Rolls

Fluffy bread swirled around sweet cinammon sugar and butter, ready in under 2 hours. 

TGIF! This week has been a really tiring week, with school ending later than 6 and quizzes and assignments due every. single. day. Great. 

To kick start this long weekend that I'm going to spend lazing around and slacking and my reward for surviving the worst week ever, this sweet and fluffy cinnamon roll for my Saturday breakfast treat.

The best reward you get making these cinnamon buns is watching them rise from little mundane rolls of bread dough swirled in sweet cinammon sugar, to giant swirly whirly ooey goey cinammon goodness wrapped in a ball of fluff. And the smell of wafting cinnamon as it bakes is the most rewarding of all. I won't be surprised if your neighbours come by wondering what you're up to in the kitchen. 😉

The best thing about these guys is that you can make them a day before, freeze them, and the whole process including waiting time takes only 2 hours. Making and rolling the dough takes only half and hour from start to finish, proving takes about an hour or less, and baking time is only 25 minutes. Which means - you can start at 8, catch your favourite show at 8:30, and get warm fresh bread before 10. Perfect for a special lazy weeknight. 

Feel free to slather on some cream cheese frosting or vanilla glaze on these guys, but I kept them simple and plain so they would work for my usual breakfast treat. And also to make myself feel better that I'm consuming less fat and sugar by removing the glaze.

False story. 

Get the recipe at Sally's Baking Addiction 

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