Froggy Matcha Adzuki Buns (ちぎりパン)

Time really flies! I know this is so cliche but I truly mean it- it doesn't feel like 2017, and it just feels like I graduated from secondary school a month ago when it has been more than a year. This holiday has gone by in a flash and I've truly got an experience of a lifetime- working in a pastry kitchen! Honestly it has been a dream for me- and I never knew I'd be able to get the opportunity to do so last December. I've really learnt so much, it's really changed the way I bake and the way I think of baking and desserts. I've never made intricate pastries and mousse cakes and entremets before, but this experience has really sparked my interest in this area and I hope I'll be able to experience making these on my own at home soon! (excites!!) though I know my clumsy fat fingers probably isn't quite made out for that I know that if I keep practising (and buy lots of cartons of whipping cream in the process heh) I'll learn how someday. 

Today I'm sharing with you these adorable Froggy matcha buns with a homemade red bean paste! As you can see I 

  1. still don't know my oven very well: all those dark brown spots totally ruined the look :( 
  2. don't have very good piping and decorating skills 

But I guess practise makes perfect haha and well, they're delicious anyway. 

The bun recipe I've used here is perfect- it's so moist and fluffy and delicious!! These would make perfect dinner rolls or filled with a sweet custard and baked individually if you prefer them that way. But this style of baking bread in a square cake tin and decorating them is called ちぎりパン  (chigiri pan) and its all the rage in all those bento-Instagram accounts and blogs so you could definitely search that up for more ideas! You could even go savoury with pumpkin-curry pooh buns or a sweet beetroot piglet (ah cutes! My fav character)-- next up on my list! 

Froggy Matcha Adzuki Buns (ちぎりパン

260g bread flour 

40g sugar 

3g salt (1/2 tsp) 

20g condensed milk 

30g butter 

3g dry yeast 

180g milk 

1 tbsp matcha powder 

Red bean paste 

Melted white and dark chocolate to decorate 

Combine flour, sugar, salt, condensed milk, milk and yeast in a large mixing bowl, knead till smooth and elastic. Add in butter and continue kneading till it passes the window pane test. 

Set aside about 1/5 of the dough and let rest in a medium bowl, covered. 

To the remaining dough, add the matcha powder and mix till evenly combined. 

Let both doughs rise for about 50 min or till doubled in size. 

Line a 8x8 inch square pan with parchment. 

Divide the matcha dough into 16 portions. Fill each portion with red bean paste and arrange in the pan. 

To the white dough, divide into 32 small pieces and shape into a ball. Press 2 balls at the top of each matcha bun for the frog eyes. 

Cover the pan with plastic and let rise about 40 min till puffy. 

Bake in a preheated 190 degrees Celsius oven for 15-18 min. Keep and eye on the buns and make sure they do not brown too much- cover with aluminium foil if they do. 

Cool completely, and decorate with melted white and dark chocolate. 

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