Stovetop Granola + DIY Granola Jars

It's the holidays! Extremely excited for what's to come (uhh except the studying for exam part)- long afternoons making slow cooked stews and ragus, baking sourdough bread, and experimenting with new flavours and variations. Can't wait to start using my wholewheat rye flour for some sourdough, and making delicious fresh pizza with goey mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil. And quiche with crisp, crumbled bacon and wilted garlicky spinach. Yummy! Extremely excited to have the time to cook and bake and to stay at home reading cookbooks and spending long mornings reading the paper. 

This granola recipe is my favourite so far- one because I've modified it to include nuts and seeds in my favourite proportions, two because it's so easy I don't even need to refer to a recipe, and three because it's stovetop. I guess stovetop granola means slightly lower longer hands-on time, but I'm not complaining because then the granola is under my watchful eye and can make sure it won't burn! Plus it's one less mixing bowl to clean up, which is always a great thing. This granola crisps up beautifully and doesn't use too much oil or sweetener too! It doesn't make a very large batch though, which I think is good because it would stay fresher for a bit. 

And you can really change up the recipe to put whatever you like- add more nuts or dried fruit if you like. You can use dried pineapple and mango chunks with a little more flaked coconut for a tropical version, add some dried blueberries and maple syrup for a French-toasty-breakfast version, or maybe some apricots and citrus peel and almond extract for a more sophisticated version. The variations are endless. 

I love to turn this simple recipe into a DIY granola jar (more details below the recipe) and it makes a beautiful gift. Add a little label and instructions with a ribbon and a pretty sticker and I think it makes a really pretty present :) 

Stovetop Granola 
1 1/4 cup rolled oats 
1/4 cup pumpkin seeds 
1/4 cup flaked coconut 
Pinch of salt 
1/4 chopped pecans 
1/4 cup flaked almonds 
1 tbsp chia seeds 
1/2 tsp cinnamon 
1 tablespoon coconut oil 
2 tablespoons honey 
1/4 cup dried fruit (I used cranberries) 

Toast all the dry ingredients in a non stick pan over medium heat. Add in oil and honey, keep stirring mixture till deep golden brown. Let cool completely, and stir in dried fruit of choice. Granola will crisp as it cools. Store in an airtight container for up to 3 weeks.

To make the DIY granola jars, layer the dry ingredients in a deep jar, layering half the oats at a time to create a pretty pattern. Store the dried fruit seperately from the other dry ingedients.

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