Dulce de leche Fudge Brownies

Molten, sweet, goey caramel centre and fudgey dark chocolate brownies with crisp brownie edges. 

I love a good brownie. I mean who doesn't? Brownies make the world go round. I can't live without some sweet, buttery chocolate goodness in my life. 

I decided to make these one day after a tiring and depressing day of school when you actually realise that your grades are starting to catch up on you and then you feel like you're kind of stupid among your friends. Which is true, for me, in the case of math. And it's unfortunate too, because I studied and I tried and I'm still so careless and so forgetful. 

But that's okay because knowing that there's some brownies at home that I can whip up in a flash means I've got some motivation to pick myself up and pull up my socks. I think I've been on some kind of a brownie curse (have you experienced that before?)- the past few batches of brownies I made in the year back has been nothing but hard, crunchy and dry. Which is weird, considering that I can sort of bake macarons and layer cakes and cream puffs- but not good brownies. 

This brownie recipe here is ultra delicious- I've baked mine in a brownie pan because 
1) it bakes up more quickly - so my cravings can be satisfied in a pinch
2) you get those crisp brownie edges on all your brownies (which I love) 
3) you get to have a whole square of brownie for yourself
4) it ensures you get a huge molten centre surprise that doesn't ooze out while you're slicing them 
5) because I want to make my money worth it by using my brownie pan to bake brownies (though there are certainly plenty of other uses for this lovely pan) 

The trick to getting your brownies in the oven in 20 minutes is to 
- melt the chocolate and butter in the oven or microwave, and grease the tin while they're melting 
- use your weighing scale to measure your ingredients- dump in the cocoa, sugar, then the eggs and vanilla and just use a normal dinner spoon to stir it all up
- dump in the flour and stir 
- use an ice cream scoop to help scoop the batter evenly between moulds, dollop in a generous spoonful of dulce de leche, cover up with a little more batter, then a little more dulce de leche, and swirl 
- bake (lick the bowl and spoons while they're baking away) and eat straightaway while still very warm 

Oh and the dulce de leche I've used here is actually milk jam from France (kindly gifted by my cousin)! It's sweet, very milky, and tastes quite like lightly caramelised condensed milk (which is never a bad thing). 

Dulce de leche Fudge Brownies 
Recipe from David Lebolitz 
Makes 12 brownies 

115g unsalted butter, cut into cubes 
170g dark chocolate, broken into small pieces 
30g Cocoa powder, unsweetened 
200g sugar 
3 eggs 
1 tsp vanilla extract
Good pinch of salt 
140g plain flour 
Dulce de leche, or homemade salted caramel

Melt chocoate and butter till just melted, in the oven or over a pan of simmering water. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Stir in the cocoa  powder and sugar, then beat in the eggs, vanilla and salt till just combined. 
Stir in the flour. 
Divide into 12 brownie pan moulds/ spread half onto a greased 8 inch tin. Dollop over generous spoonfuls of dulce de leche, then put on the rest of the brownie batter. Drop over tiny spoonfuls of dulce de leche, and very gently swirl in with a toothpick/ skewer/ knife. 
Bake for 18-20 mintues (for brownie pan), or 35-40 min (for 8-inch). A skewer inserted into the centre should come up with still some batter stuck to it, but the top should be crisp. Be careful not to overbake- a little less baked is always better than overbaked for brownies. Serve warm. 

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