Twisted Cinnamon Roll Buns

Soft, fluffy, cinnamon buns filled with sweet cinnamon sugar, twisted into little knots and topped with crunchy chopped almonds. 

It's been a terribly long week at school. I'm so relieved it's finally Friday. The day I can come home and relax, sleep, bake and read. The day where I have no worries for tomorrow.

The day to look back at my week and look at the things I have done. To look back at the things I have baked. 

The recipe for this cinnamon roll is long overdue, but it's the kind of recipe that I will never forget. It's the soft, sweet bread, rolled around sweet cinnamon sugar, twisted into a perfect knot, and topped with chopped almonds for that extra crunch. 

It's a new year- a year older, a year wiser. A new year of baking, a new year of school, a new year of learning. I've grown so much and learnt so much in baking. Looking at these cinnamon rolls resting on a baking sheet gives me a sense of achievement- they may not be perfect, they may not gorgeous, but they are pretty. And seeing these neat knots of bread makes me happy. Seeing them grow and rise to become soft, fluffy pillows makes me happy. Baking, not matter what time, what day, makes me happy. It's something I can never live without.

At the same time this year is a different year- it's my graduating year, an important year. A year of hard work, a year of pushing my limits, stepping out of my comfort zone, and getting to know more friends. A year of hard work, serious studying, and tough exams. But I know I will get through it. 

But sometimes it's not just about me. It's about the people around me- my friends, whether best friends, good friends or just normal friends. I'm not an extremely friendly person- I don't talk much, I'm mostly self contained, and I don't tell many people my problems, other than my 2 best friends. I don't have an army of friends who surround me everyday, and I don't fit into evey group of people. In fact, I click with few. Sometimes my own personality and way with making friends makes it difficult for me to work things out, but when I'm really in trouble, really in need, I know I have those 2 friends who know how to read my mind to stand by me and help me out. 

The year has been okay so far- the second week of school now over, already pumped with quizzes and homework. It's time to get the engine started, to pump up the fuel for the year, and to be prepared for the weeks to come. It's time to study more, relax less, although I'm not going to cut down too much of baking hehe. It's my way of relaxing- so no cutting down on that. 

Now back to these buns. 

These guys are gorgeous. I made this on Wednesday after a long day at school. I was so tired and so in need of relaxation. So I grabbed a bowl, made the dough, let it prove, and took a long, hot shower. Did some work, then went back to the dough. 

Mixing cinnamon sugar, olive oil, and cornstarch, rolling out the dough, folding and twisting and shaping, prove again, and back to work.

An hour later, brush with egg wash and sprinkle with chopped almonds and bake. 

And the result? Gorgeous twisted cinnamon rolls, elegant and pretty. Like those you get from the bakery down the road. 

It's so easy I'm certain you can make it. Biting into soft, warm cinnamon rolls- there was nothing more I could have wished for on that sad, tired day.

Twisted Cinnamon Roll Buns

1 recipe of my super soft custard bread , proved for the first hour 

Cinnamon Filling:
60g Demerara sugar 
1 3/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tbsp corn flour 
30ml vegetable oil 

Mix the ingredients for the cinnamon filling together. 
Roll out the bread into a large long rectangle, then spread the cinnamon filling generously on top. 
Fold the dough into 3, like an envelope, much like laminating croissant, such that the filling stays inside. 
Cut the dough into 12 long strips breadth-wise, twisting each strip. 
Roll each twisted strip around your fingers, tucking the excess into the centre. Repeat for the rest of the dough.
Let the twisted buns prove for another hour. 
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.
Brush the buns generously with egg wash and top with chopped almonds. 
Bake for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown on top. 

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