2014 -Year in Review

2014 has been an amazing year. 

For me, it's been a year of growing. A year of self discovery, a year of pursuing passions, a year of hard work. 
A year to, well, prepare for next year (aka tomorrow).

A year to bake, to cook, to eat, to enjoy. 

And I think I've grown so much I couldn't have been prouder of myself. 

1) Baking 

It's what this blog is all about. 

This year, I've tried a lot of new things- new recipes, new ideas. And I've stretched my limits, to do things I've never though I would've accomplished - making macarons, perfecting chiffon cakes, trying out healthier breakfast options - but I've failed too. I've burnt batches of granola, got many batches of crackly macaron tops, and soggy pie crusts. But to learn is to fail, and I guess with failing, I have learnt.


2015 is going to be a difficult year for me. Much more work, more responsibilities, less time for baking. It's something I'm going to have to put aside and control for the time being. I do need to concentrate on my work a lot more than I have this year. So next year, I guess I want to focus on being easy- easy recipes, quick to put together, minimal effort. Here's some new things I have in mind! 

- slice and bake shortbread cookies- in many flavours! I'm thinking sea salt chocolate, gula melaka, salted caramel, and lemon poppy seed. Plenty more cookie idea flavours saved in my phone. It's gong to be easy to put together, minimal washing, and great for snacking! 
- muffins: to find the perfectttt muffin recipe that I can easily modify to change flavours, with ingredients that I always have on hand. 
- chiffon cakes: okay this isn't the most time efficient guy to make, but he's good. And everyone likes a huge slice of soft, fluffy cake, right? I'm planning on experimenting new flavours- savoury chiffon cakes, salted caramel, lavender, earl grey and matcha white chocolate. 
- bread: it can be time consuming, but most of the time used in making bread is in the proving! Definetly want to try out super soft custard bread, Hokkaido milk bread, and many other super soft Asian breads! Also, breads that require starters, like ciabatta and baguettes. 

I'm looking forward to another great year of baking, and at the same time, prepared for less time for baking :( 

2) School 

So here's the major things that happened. 
- Class
This year I've stepped up and done a lot more that I would've usually done. I've been vice monitress, running about during funfair organising stuff, staying back to help out with decorations, planning, I think  I've grown a lot. Next year, I swear I'm not going to be involved in this kind of stuff. No way, no thank you. Sometimes I think I have a great class, sometimes I'm just so irritated with everybody. The point is that I've got a class that I need to learn to be proud of (yeah right like the class famous for ponning school), because I'm going to be with them for another year. 
- CCA 
This year has been a relatively good year for me in CCA. I've done a lot for my CCA this year, and I'm glad that people have started to see me not so much as a ghost in the background, but as a capable, responsible, and good leader. And I guess it has made me more comfortable with my batchmates, more forgiving, and happier with my CCA. I'm going for PGA next year so it's going to be tough, but I believe I will go far and I will definetly learn a lot more. 

So with a heavy heart I bid farewell to 2014. 

And HELLO 2015!!! 

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