Meatball Skillet Mac and Cheese

Rich, creamy, cheesy- so perfect and so easy. 

This is everything you would have wished for. 

It's everything you wanted in mac and cheese- smooth, velvety and cheesy. Of course, cheesy.

This is the thing you would want when you're feeling like you've conquered the exams and you're on top of the world. 

It's 7 papers down, 2 more to go. Just 2 more!!!

This mac and cheese is epitome of goodness. It's so, so rich and cheesy and full of this good for you like butter and milk and a whole lotta cheese. Oh and the onions make everything better. 

You just sauté a knob of butter with some finely diced onions, then make the béchamel. It's a simple combination of flour to make a rue, then adding the milk. Then add some meatballs. I always keep a stash of cooked meatballs in my freezer so I'll have some meat whenever I need it. Just make your meatballs, bake them, then freeze them on a baking tray. You can place them in a ziplock bag or wrap them in individual portions in aluminium foil.

The last thing to add is the cheese. It's all about the cheese. Using freshly grated cheese is the best, but when you're busy and hungry and in need to comfort food like now, just grab the packet of sliced cheddar. Add 2 slices. Or 3 if you're feeling extra cheesy. 

Just stir stir stir until everything's combined and you've got the most perfect bowl of comfort. Eat it in front of the TV or in front of your homework.

It makes your homework 10 times more interesting. 

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