Hello, and welcome to the salted chocolate blog.

Baking has been my passion for years- it's been my way of relieving stress and the thing I look forward to everyday when I return home from school. I love baking for the people I love- my family, friends and for the people who really care. I love baking and cooking simple, comforting homey food- soft and fluffy homemade buns, rich pound cakes, and chewy crisp cookies, along with homemade simple pastas and easy meals and treats that you can make any day.

Food, for me is comfort, and there's nothing like trips to morning markets and visiting the food section of the library to immerse myself in the world of recipe books. I love days when I can get out to the market in the early morning and use these freshest ingredients to make simple, delicious food. And days where I can take my time to cream butter and sugar for a cake or watching or sticky dough transform to a elastic smooth in my hands.

Some of my bakes have become firm family favourites- like my classic apple pie, baked cheesecake and kopitiam milk buns- I hope you will share the love of homemade treats with the people you love and care for too, and maybe they'll become one of your own family favourites too.

Happy baking!



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